Keynote Speaker

Shailee passionately takes her audience on a virtual journey of her team’s adventures across the world mountains.  Her speeches have enthralled the audience world-over from International Conventions, corporate seminars, American Universities to remote schools in Africa.

Weaved in the story of her incredible journey and implausible feat, Shailee shares deep lessons of motivation, leadership, team building and women power.

Watch Shailee address an audience of over 16000 members at the International Convention of Lions Clubs in July 2014 held in Toronto (above). Other speaking forums include The World Bank Headquarters, EO Global Leadership Academy, International Finance Corporation, Toastmasters’ 2017 International Convention in Vancouver, Lions Clubs International Convention, Women’s World Bank, New York University, University of Colorado, Colorado College, Smith College & more.




Making Dreams Come True

Shailee inspires people to believe in their dreams. Through the lessons of her mountaineering journey she shares ‘How’ to make dreams come true.

Leadership Lessons

Shailee presents the tough leadership lessons learned as the leader of the world’s first female team to complete the 7 Summits challenge. Shailee shares how these apply for success both on & off mountains.



Unity in Diversity- Team Building

Deriving from her experience of leading a high performance team of 7 members from 6 ethnic groups for 7 years, Shailee shares what makes a team work and what makes it a ‘force’.

Strength of  Women

From the ultimate challenge of climbing mountains to breaking traditional conventions, Shailee uncovers the Myths, Realities & cosmic possibilities of the female mind, body and ability.

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What People Say

Shailee is simply a gifted speaker. Even when you know her story, every time there is something new deeply inspiring. This is a story the entire world must hear.
Richard Ragan

Resident Representative, United Nations World Food Programme, Tanzania

Shailee is an excellent speaker who knows how to inspire a group of professionals. I would much rather hear and see her talk about building a high-performance team than another business leader.

The World Bank Staff

I have hired nearly 100 speakers over my 18 years in EO, and have heard many more. I would place Shailee Basnet in the top tier of speakers I have heard. While sharing  stories from her journeys I found her to be relatable, engaging, inspiring, funny and packed with leadership lessons. I walked away truly inspired. 

Brian Brault

Global Chair 2017-18, Entrepeneur's Organization

Wow. That was awesome. Lions are all going to be inspired by what you’ve done in showing us that dreams are within reach and we can do much more than we ever imagine. 


Barry Palmer

International President, Lions Clubs International

Shailee, thank you so much for making me realize that I matter. These days I look at the mirror and proudly smile.


Shailee is a great speaker with a fantastic story to tell. She is engaging, fun, serious, and deliberate…From her early life to her current life is a wonderful testament to her will, drive, intelligence, wit, and ambition.The lessons of her life experience apply to us all and we should all want to hear her. She has my highest recommendation as a speaker.


Warren Rustand

Dean , EO Global Leadership Academy


Life is a journey from ignorance to Wisdom.

So are climbing expeditions and leadership missions.

Shailee Basnet


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