What is meditation?

Meditation is to see the truth as it is. In my first formal meditation course in 2001, Vipassana Guru Satya Narayan Goenka shared this wisdom. It’s been almost two decades and I am still learning about the depth of this one simple sentence, to see the truth as it is.

But then how do you see the truth?

One of the most highly revered teachers and scripts on the discipline, 1700 year old Patanjali’s Yog Sutra defines Yog as ‘yogascha chitti vritti nirodh’. It means when you stop the clutter in the mind, you’re in a state to see the truth.

For normal mortals like me and probably you, dealing with life in today’s time the task of stopping the clutter in the mind is easier said than done. But turns out there are tons of tools and techniques to achieve that goal. They have all been laid out in scriptures that date thousands of years. The wisdom has all been out there. Yet, life still remains a mess for most of us.

Perhaps, somewhere in the process of complicating life, we started looking for miraculous cures that could take care of it all. But these techniques remain simple, even mundane. And it is only by working on them, will we be able to reach a state of mind where we can see the truth as it is.