Pause: One Second Meditation


One of my favorite things to do is to take a super quick pause in the middle of my busy day. Here is how it works. You could be writing an email, in the middle of a conversation, watching a movie or in the traffic. You can do it without anybody around you noticing. You just pause, literally for a second, and just acknowledge your existence. There are no rules. You can quietly connect with your breath, be aware of the surrounding, or simply tell yourself, ‘I exist.’ This pause gives me a instantaneous orientation, that in the vast scheme of the universe, I exist at this time and place. It anchors me to the present. And for some reason, it fills me up with joy in good times and, in bad times it makes me draw power from within. I can this my one second meditation.

Help, I cannot focus!


I have been doing meditation for over two decades now. I highly recommend it to everyone. But the minute I mention it, the most common response I hear is, ‘I would love to try but I just can’t focus.’ Valid enough. But here’s the thing, one needs to meditate exactly because we just can’t focus. In all other aspects of life, we don’t expect outcome without putting in the effort. We exercise so that we can stay fit. We make money so that we don’t have to be poor. Similarly, one needs to meditate so that we can learn to focus. It is not something that comes naturally. Of course, there are those who are born slender and utter zen wisdom every time they open their mouth to speak. But those are the exceptions. I certainly am not one of those. Rules are simple for me. I put in the work, I get the result. Heck, even Lord Buddha roamed in search of the Truth for six years before he was enlightened. So, relax, it’s ok if you can’t focus! And that may be the perfect reason to start meditation. 

Meditation: Hustle interrupted!


Meditation for me, has been a core tool to navigate the ups and downs of every aspects of my life. It is not just something I practice cross legged for some duration in the am or pm. The real goal is for the same calm to kick in when I am taking a fatal fall on a mountain slope, or losing a very contentious argument with my husband, going through a mental breakdown, facing a health crisis, or watching the pandemic throw my life off course.

When an unfavorable situation presents itself, our emotions drive us. Anger, rage, hatred, fear, guilt, panic makes us do and say things in response.  They run the entire show before the sensible sense can kick in. Over the years I have learnt that it is possible to pause, check my emotions, let my sensible sense kick it and let that run the show instead. And not only have I come out of these situations alive and wiser, I have seen miracles unfold. 

Of course, life has a more complicated variety of hurdles. There are times we are just not present to even feel the love around us. Other times, we may feel resigned from life, or struggle to cultivate compassion. There are bad habits we cant seem to be able to quit. There is no end to this list. But the same practice has helped me manage everything I ever faced. 

If I were to boil down my most important realization, it is that ‘I am not my mind’. The truth is either you control your mind or it will control you.

I am happy to share my experiences, practices and tips that have helped me on my journey with you on Alphy this New Year.