Leadership & Spirituality in the Himalayas

Spiritual Trek

Himalayan Spiritual Trek is a journey where you learn the practice and hone it.  This is a journey where you find yourself and reinvent yourself.

In the one week program, Shailee will take you on one of the world’s least traveled Shangrila, Nepemesal in Sindhupalchok district, away from the last village on the Nepal side yet separated by the Himalayas from Tibet. Starting from bustling Kathmandu city, you take a chopper  to the tranquil gem of Nepemesal.

You will meet various teachers, gurus, guides who will unveil the simplicity of meditation. You then practice every minute of each day in the Himalayan bliss. It can’t get better than this.

Leadership Trek

Leadership Trek is based on the lessons Shailee learned while leading a team of women to climb the highest peak in each continent. Mountaineering is a major challenge in itself. When you combine the real world challenge of organizing and leading such expedition it teaches you lessons at many levels. And Shailee realized in her journey that outdoor is the best platform to empower. Hence, Himalayan Leadership Trek incorporates the physical task of scaling altitude together with practices on how each one of us can become a better leader.

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