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Shailee Basnet

Climber, Public Speaker, Stand-up Comic

Shailee Basnet, scaled Mt Everest in the year 2008. She is the leader of the‘Seven Summits Women Team’ which became the world’s first female group to scale the highest peak in each continent. Shailee and her team have received global accolades including medal decoration from the President of Nepal to an audience in the White House, USA.

With her team, she is now leading a program to help train young female survivors of trafficking become trekking guides.  Following the 2015 earthquake the team is also working towards rebuilding schools in remote Nepal.

An internationally sought speaker, Shailee takes audiences on a virtual journey of the Himalayas sharing some hard-earned insights as a climber, a leader and a woman. Besides, she enjoys hitting the stage as stand-up comic and has performed at prestigious clubs in Nepal, USA and India. Her journey has been covered by the BBC, ESPN, New York Daily News, among others.

Hot News Flash!!

The Survivor Training Program is going to be featured in a Hollywood movie titled ‘In the Shadow of the Mountains’ with Selena Gomez in the lead depicting the life and work of one of the co-founders of the mission, Silvia Vasquez Lavado. Silvia is the first openly gay female to climb the 7 Summits. Silvia, Shailee and Maya started the survivor training program in 2014. Click to read the news.


From addressing over 16000  members at the Lions Clubs International Convention,  inspiring entrepreneurs at EO Global Leadership Academy, to injecting passion in young students, Shailee has wowed audiences with her passionate storytelling and sincere lessons in six continents. Her keynote speeches on leadership, motivation, teamwork and women power have received standing ovations from Nepal to New York.


Survivor Training Program

Shailee and her team have been leading a program to train young female survivors of sex trafficking and abuse in Nepal.

The program provides long term mentorship to the survivors helping them become licensed trekking guides.

The vision is to enable the young survivors to build a dignified career so that they can live truly empowered lives.

Click to read more and donate.

Join Shailee on a hilarious journey up Everest in her new comedy special ‘Mt Everest Diaries’.

A fundraiser for the empowerment of survivors of girl trafficking and abuse.

Online Comedy Show on Google Meet on Saturday, November 28, 2020, 7 PM ET. Ticket USD 20.

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Shailee's Climbs

Shailee started her journey from the ascent of Mt Everest in May 2008. She has since been the Coordinator of ‘Seven Summits Women Team’, first women team in the world to climb the 7 summits.

Motivational Speaker

From remote schools, corporate houses to International conventions, Shailee, a sought after speaker, takes audiences on a virtual journey of the mountains sharing life lessons on motivation, leadership, team work and more.

Leadership & Spiritual Trek

Shailee leads special leadership treks and spiritual trips in the blissful Himalayan region. Join her in special programs that traverses nature’s wonders, absorbs important life lessons and weaves ancient spiritual teachings.

Stand-Up Comedy

Shailee loves to make you laugh.  She is a bilingual comic who performs Stand-Up comedy in Nepal and the USA. Her routine delves into feminism, current politics and the contrasts of ‘first world’ and ‘third world’.

Education & Empowerment

Shailee and her team’s non-profit GIA has been supporting 8 schools in Nepal following the 2015 Earthquake. GIA also provides special training to young survivors of women trafficking with a goal to provide them holistic empowerment.


Shailee started her career as a journalist writing about youth and social issues. She is still very much in love with the craft of writing. She is launching her blog in May 2017. Meanwhile, click to read some of her write-ups.

Seven Summits Women Team

Shailee is the coordinator of ‘Seven Summits Women Team’, world’s first female team to climb the highest mountain in each continent.